The project is supported by:

Research Computing Centre, UQ

QCIF - the Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation

The server was in part funded by the Research Data Services - Life Sciences (Genomics) 1.2 Project.


About Beacon


Beacon servers are aimed at sharing human genetic data while providing minimal information in order that privacy may be preserved and complete sequences not be distributed.


A Beacon server allows queries such as 'does variant X present in the Beacon database?'


Beacon servers use human variants data converted into a simple chromosome-position-alternative bases format, without any information about sample, frequency and so forth. Multiple variants and indels are not currently supported.


The Beacon Network combines Beacon Servers and allows queries such as 'what lab have got variant X?'


This is a demo Beacon server aimed to serve as a tutorial on how researchers may set up their one server on NeCTAR resources. Questions and comments are welcome. If you do use this tutorial to set up a Beacon server please let us know by emailing Igor at:



Learn about the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health Beacon Project and Beacon Network


Beacon Code: Maximilian Haeussler

Beacon depository at GitHub